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The construction of historically appropriate additions to public and private buildings and sites is a sensitive topic in the preservation field and a specialized area of expertise in the architectural world. JHPA’s architectural staff is well-versed in the theory and practice necessary to design new additions or structures to historic sites or historic districts. A working knowledge and sensitivity towards the existing site and building fabric is the starting point for any successful contextual design, whether it is a new stand-alone building on the grounds of an existing house museum, or an extension to a designated historic landmark. JHPA combines its knowledge of new design and construction with historical accuracy and sensitivity to materials and their use to design new structures that function well programmatically and achieve harmony within their setting.


In certain instances the best approach to preserving a historic building – particularly one that has been substantially altered, lost a large portion of its original fabric, or is impossible to use for its built purpose – is renovation and adaptive reuse. In essence, this practice preserves the form and presence of a building while giving it new life for a new type of use. Integration of new building systems, such as new structural components, fire protection, plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical and communications systems, into an existing building is usually the largest challenge in adaptive reuse projects. Our office’s sensitivity to historic buildings allows us to seamlessly tie in new elements with old to create highly functioning buildings within existing envelopes.

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